"Teaching and interacting with children has always been close to my heart therefore purchasing the Kip McGrath franchise has been a sound decision. The Kip McGrath franchise is such a 'feel good' business. Nothing gives you more satisfaction than witnessing the positive changes that your centre has brought about in your community."

Vijay, Franchisee (Australia)

“Creating a large, successful and dynamic centre has given us many things. An ability to enjoy the lifestyle we wanted, the freedom, flexibility and control of the business that we needed and most importantly the opportunity to do something vital – the chance to  change people’s lives.”

With help from attending Kip McGrath there has been a 100% improvement in the quality and tidiness of his work and he is more enthusiastic about writing and we are delighted."

James, Franchisee (United Kingdom)

“When I left classroom teaching I worked as a tutor in a local center. I was impressed with my experiences and purchased a center, discovering that I had many business skills to learn.

Working with students and celebrating their success, in the Kip McGrath environment has fostered my personal teaching philosophy ‘to make a difference in the lives of young people.’”

John, Franchisee (New Zealand)

“I brought a Kip McGrath franchise because of its unique methodology which is significantly different from most other tuition centres. There are focused programs that cater to both underachievers and achievers. What’s more the business has been pretty profitable!”

Jenny, Franchisee (Singapore)

"Running a Kip McGrath Centre is a totally rewarding experience. It's a haven where children feel safe and the learning atmosphere is fun. Every time a child excells, so do we. We aim to continue to offer the best as always."

Sejal, Franchisee (Kenya)

"I have been a franchisee of Kip McGrath for the past 2 years and I'm extremely happy with the return the business has given me. It is a great business to be involved in and I have seen many changes and improvements to our products and processes in my time with Kip.

As a non-teacher the training and support of head-office and fellow franchisees really helped in getting my business off the ground and into the community. The education industry in South Africa is experiencing quite a few challenges at the moment and it feels great to be part of the solution.

Kip McGrath International has kept pace with modern technology as demanded by the students and modern parents with the new web based tutoring and management systems. Kids see great results and love coming to class.

This has to be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling businesses to be involved in."

Maheem, Franchisee (South Africa)