Why Kip McGrath? At Kip McGrath we have been tutoring for 40 years, we know what works and we have specifically written curriculum and programs to make it work. We don't do your child's homework - we find out what is going wrong and teach the child so that they can do their own homework! No other tutoring provider does what we do. We use passionate tutors, relevant technology, small groups and individual personalised programs. We devise strategies specifically designed for your child which we know will work. All you have to do is bring the child every week or supervise the at home lessons and pay, we do the rest. The other great thing about Kip McGrath is that it is a global business. If you are going overseas for a few weeks or a few years you can continue the tutoring so your children do not fall behind. We can also get you ready for the local curriculum if you are going for a long time. We have centres in most English speaking countries and we have adapted the curriculum for each.

We also have games which the students can compete with other children from all over the world. The competition is fierce and the students get a much greater global community feeling.




So if you are looking for a tutoring experience that will improve your child's confidence, encourage them to enjoy learning and help them improve or extend the literacy and numeracy, contact your local Kip McGrath Education Centre today.