"The tuition played a major role in improving the spelling and writing skills for my son. We have tried various types of private tutors, extra school programs, Computer Aided Programs and so on. The only visible progress was with Kip McGrath."

Theresa, Parent (Australia)

"We wanted to express our thanks for the work you did with our son. He is a bright child and performing well at school but was struggling with handwriting and it was evident in the poor presentation of his class work and he didn't enjoy writing.

With help from attending Kip McGrath there has been a 100% improvement in the quality and tidiness of his work and he is more enthusiastic about writing and we are delighted."

Deirdre, Parent (United Kingdom)

“I'm delighted to report how much our daughter enjoys attending Kip McGrath classes for tuition in maths. She had lost confidence in her abilities late last year, but is now feeling much more confident after a term revisiting basic facts and strategies. She has commented several times how much she enjoys coming to see you, so you're obviously doing something right!”

Tracey, Parent (New Zealand)

“We tried many tuition centres and even home tuition. Nothing worked. My neighbor told me about Kip McGrath. I enrolled my son there. He enjoys going there. His grades have really improved. Kip McGrath is truly a specialist tuition centre.”

Carol, Parent (Singapore)

"Our son had a mental block in particular with maths, we felt he needed some extra support during the summer months prior to going into Year 7. Having completed a 4 week intensive programme at Kip McGrath he has become a different child - enthusiastic and no longer afraid to tackle mathematical problems himself. He thrived so much that we continue with Kip McGrath during term time once a week to re-inforce his learning and to continue to support his confidence."

Jason, Parent (Spain)

"Sumaya was struggling at school, but after being enrolled at the Kip McGrath Education Centres is now a happy learner who has received an award for 'Most improved learner.'"

Shamima, Parent (South Africa)